Design and produce a high-end consumer experience and innovative installation in Rockefeller Center to launch LG’s SIGNATURE Brand Launch.



As the LG SIGNATURE Gallery aligns with LG’s focus on the art and architecture of its new line of appliances, FIRST conceptualized and designed a larger-than-life, four-sided custom structure from LED panels, to represent the “ideal home.”


FIRST worked with LG to design and produce the video content projected onto the installation. The projection broadcasted live footage of Rockefeller Center directly onto the sides, giving the illusion of transparency.

The interior was an interactive, modern gallery featuring LG SIGNATURE products and a confessional booth.

A star-studded opening night press launch with celebrity ambassadors Savion Glover, Dominique Crenn, Philip Lim, and Caio Fonseca, was followed by a week-long public showcase and a Today Show feature with Al Roker.


1,600+ Daily Visitors

7-Day Experience in Rockefeller Center

FIRST Took The Gallery On The Round To Santa Monica, CA