StarWalker Launch


Bring to life Montblanc’s vision of paying tribute to the achievements of space travel, while launching their new line of writing instruments, StarWalker.


To set the scene and bring to life Montblanc’s vision, FIRST designed and executed an immersive experience for 150 international guests including VIPs, celebrities, and journalists, to live the emotional journey of seeing Earth from space and equate that feeling to the reveal of Montblanc’s new StarWalker product.



FIRST sourced the Lone Star Museum venue to fully immerse guests in the space theme and create a memorable environment for Montblanc to launch the StarWalker collection. To enhance the experience, FIRST designed and provided audiovisual guidance for a 360 degree dome set up, full of space-inspired elements such as space artifacts on loan from NASA for guests to enjoy and explore, and a photo op creating the illusion of zero gravity.

To extend the reach of the event, VIP attendees amplified their event on their own channels including host Hugh Jackman, astronaut Leroy Chiao, and celebs Diane Kruger, Winnie Harlow, and Charles Melton.


360° Dome Immersive Dome Experience

Millions Reached Through Strategic Influencers & Coverage From Luxury Magazines Including The CEO Magazine, Forbes, and CollectSpace

Zero Gravity Photo Op Creating The Illusion of Flying in Space