Oath NewFront


NewFronts gather potential advertisers and industry press for a sneak peek at upcoming content and advertising opportunities for digital media providers like Oath.

To support their ultimate objective to sell more advertising across vertical video, cross-brand integration, and other video partnerships, Oath’s NewFront event had to:

Engage the attendee base of clients, partners, employees, and executives and get them excited about Oath’s momentum and vision: to be the best partner in the world at telling stories on mobile.

Get more of the “right” eyeballs on content and advertising opportunities during a competitive week, with a refreshed approach to the NewFronts.

Showcase that Oath is investing in the major verticals in unique ways: SPORTS, FINANCE, NEWS, & ENTERTAINMENT


To turn the NewFront on its head from what had previously been done and ensure the content resonated, we had to disrupt NewFront week and stand out. We had to kick off a revolution to the industry. We had to build an Uprising.

FIRST conceptualized and produced an unconventional celebration for Oath’s suite of brands that was equal parts street festival, music concert, and college pep rally, under the theme of Uprising.


We leveraged a strategy of “treating our customers as consumers,” brought to life via an immersive outdoor event that showcased key messaging through the disruptive use of celebrity, music, performance, food, and multimedia.

FIRST designed and transformed the raw Pier 26 on Manhattan’s west side into a celebration of brands. The outdoor experience featured a 20-foot DJ tower, multiple non-traditional stages, custom choreographed “takeover moments” performed right within the crowd, and an impromptu concert from host, Jamie Foxx, and DJ Irie.

The attendee journey began with a multimedia tunnel that conveyed Oath’s global-mobile story. The darkened passageway, lit up by LED blue lighting and dozens of monitors, surrounded guests in energizing music and video content from Oath’s brands. Gritty street posters lined the way giving attendees a sense of the Uprising.

Food stations were dispersed throughout the pier, with over 115+ catering staff, 5 food stations, 5 food carts roaming the crowds, 1 dessert wall with 330 pegs, 2 keg stations, 700 bottles of beer served, and 2,700 burgers eaten. Needless to say, everyone left satisfied and inspired.

The guests were not only satisfied through taste, but through sight as well. There were 16 presenters with 5 takeover moments along with 11 videos and multiple platform stages. The takeover moments were unmissable with over 46 performers, 56 costumes, 45 hours of rehearsal, 2 DJs on the 20-foot-high DJ tower, and 1 Emmy award winning host.



Took over 79,000 square feet of Pier 26

 Over 250 feet of graphic flats, with 14 TVs and 70 Samsung phones inside of the entry tunnel

Sparked over 70 articles totaling 610 million impressions

The hashtag #ThisIsAnUprising circulated a reach of over 29 million

Won 4 Jacks from MediaVillage quoting it as, “an impressive effort from layout to execution, all under one of the nicest spring evenings weather-wise in New York City this year.”

Winner for Event Marketer’s Hidden Gems Award for Best Event Reimagination (1,000-5,000 Attendees)